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Digital member engagement

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ARIZONA | Q1 2019


Digital Member Engagement Finalists


Problem Statement

Written in partnership with AHCCCS, Arizona MCO Leadership, and Adaptation Health in December 2018. 

There are an increasing number of Medicaid beneficiaries who are, for a variety of reasons, not optimally engaged in their own care. These reasons can include previous negative experiences with the health care system, low health literacy, competing priorities for time and urgency, and histories of trauma, to name only a few. Ultimately, this lack of engagement may contribute to poor health outcomes and increased costs to health care systems.


Thus, there is a need for engagement technologies to assist individuals in better managing their care, accessing appropriate services, and empowering them to adopt healthier behaviors, as necessary, to improve outcomes. These are for both high risk and rising risk individuals.


Solutions must provide mechanisms to effectively engage beneficiaries across various populations and geographies from high risk to rising risk, and must demonstrate applicability to low-income populations, including considerations regarding access to technology.

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