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Responding to COVID-19 and Beyond:

Demo Day for Medicaid Innovation

A virtual demo day series for innovations serving Medicaid patient populations during COVID-19 and beyond

Connecting startups addressing critical access and outcomes challenges to Medicaid stakeholders

The COVID-19 health crisis has had a disproportionate impact on vulnerable patient populations, as evidenced by higher infection and morbidity rates among low-income Black, Hispanic, and other minority communities relative to their counterparts. The disparity of COVID-19’s impact underlines the existing challenges experienced by Medicaid patient populations in unequal access to healthcare and SDOH services.


This series of demo days will curate and present ventures that address the acute challenges created by COVID-19 and provide a blueprint for improving access, efficacy, and equity in Medicaid. Companies that are accepted will have the opportunity to pitch their solutions to Medicaid buyers including State Medicaid offices, plan leadership, and key Medicaid experts.

Areas of focus

Focusing on maternal health and behavioral health needs

June 10 at 12 pm ET

Focusing on food insecurity and economic vulnerability

June 17 at 12 pm ET

Focusing both in the current context and beyond COVID-19

June 24 at 12 pm ET

Project Goals 


Support Medicaid buyers in becoming internal champions of health equity-based innovation by understanding the drivers, needs, and gaps in health disparities


Enable state Medicaid offices and MCOs to understand relevant vendors with effective and targeted solutions against identified need and in turn understand how to implement these early-stage products and services


Provide knowledge to Medicaid buyers and vendors into the recent and rapid evolution in policy and payment that will enable stronger adoption of innovation


Facilitate stronger contract relationships between Medicaid buyers and vendors increasing the viability of Medicaid focused capital


Address health disparities across Medicaid and create robust capacity in the system against future public health pressures (including pandemics and epidemics)


Determine the areas of focus that are most pressing for State Medicaid and Plan leadership in light of COVID-19


Open an online application for companies to apply for a chance to share their solution

Vet & Select

Project partners will vet and select the top applicants



Three virtual demo day events in June will explain the need from a panel of experts and then feature presentations from the selected solutions. 


Companies, MCOs, and States manage the relationship moving forward.  See the impact from a previous Challenge

RSVP to attend


Wednesdays in June starting at 12 pm ET

Access to Health Services Leveraging Virtual Care

June 10 at 12 pm ET

Direct Access to SDOH Services

June 17 at 12 pm ET

Social Isolation

June 24 at 12 pm ET

Company Application and RFI

The deadline to apply was Friday, May 22, 2020. If you have a question please send us a message.

Project Partners

This project is powered by Acumen America and in partnership with the Center for Health Care Strategies

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