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Meeting selected in New Orleans and Birmingham

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The Southeast Health Innovation Tour

In partnership with Sopris Capital and The Idea Village

Birmingham | New Orleans

Connecting founders in the South directly with access to capital, contacts in Medicaid, and opportunities to scale

Sopris Capital together with Adaptation Health and The Idea Village have partnered to launch the Southeast Health Innovation Tour. This opportunity seeks to connect emerging healthcare entrepreneurs who are focused on addressing needs among vulnerable populations directly with access to capital, contracts, and opportunities to scale.


Sopris Capital, Adaptation Health, and The Idea Village recognize that innovation is not only happening in coastal cities - this project hopes to connect with innovators outside major markets to better understand new emerging companies. Innovation in healthcare is accelerating at a rapid pace and new companies, solutions, and technologies are continuously evolving in their approach and service. Last year, 727 companies received fundraising deals for a total of $13.7B and that amount is only expected to grow in 2020. 

Companies that are accepted to participate in the Innovation Tour will meet with representatives of Adaptation Health, The Idea Village, and Sopris Capital in small, semi-private investor meetings. Dates for the small in-person meetings are currently TBA, and the Tour will closely monitor and follow all public health recommendations and best practices throughout the planning.

Goals and Potential Impact

Access to Early-stage Capital

Sopris Capital is dedicated to opening doors for early-stage companies and serving as a strategic advisor to help entrepreneurs build exceptional businesses.

Contacts and Future Contracts in Medicaid

As a buyer-side Medicaid incubator, Adaptation Health is focused on connecting State Medicaid Agencies, MCOs, and Innovators working to improve public health.

Opportunities to Scale

The Idea Village's industry-leading GAN accelerator, VILLAGEx, focuses on catalyzing rapid growth for ventures with highly scalable, technology-enabled business models.

Ideal Company Profile

The Southeast Health Innovation Tour looks to connect with scalable healthcare and health technology companies that are addressing needs among vulnerable populations and are interested in venture-backed financing.

Applicants should have a combination of:

A strong leadership team

Early signs of traction and signals of product-market-fit

A product or service in the market

Raised or raising an early-stage round of financing

Proposed Locations


We accepted applications to the following locations for meetings.


The final decision will be based on the number of qualifying applicants per location and dates are currently TBA.



Little Rock


New Orleans


Step 1: Map the Route

Connect with incubators, Angels, and entrepreneur support organizations to help select the best locations

Step 2: Companies Apply

Open an online application for companies to apply for a chance to meet and pitch

Step 3: Select Innovators

Select the companies who will participate

Timeline 2020


Step 4: Pitch & Connect

Meet the entrepreneurs and set up small, semi-private, investor meetings

Step 5: Partner

Sopris Capital has an opportunity to make an investment. Adaptation Health helps provide connections to insurers or States for a contract. The Idea Village offers an opportunity to help scale the venture through an accelerator.


The deadline to apply was August 7, 2020.

Project Partners

Sopris Capital is a New York based venture capital investment firm that provides equity capital to high-growth tech-enabled business services, healthcare IT, and healthcare services sectors. Sopris is typically a company’s first institutional round of capital with an initial equity check size of $2M-$5M and also supports company’s with follow-on rounds of financing if needed. Sopris works closely with its portfolio companies to shape strategy, build management organizations, attract customers, and develop critical industry relationships. 


Founded in 2000, The Idea Village is a New Orleans based 501(c)3 nonprofit founded on the principle of supporting regional startups and the big thinkers that power them. VILLAGEx is our flagship, industry-leading GAN accelerator focused on catalyzing rapid growth for ventures with highly scalable, technology-enabled business models. Over 261 entrepreneurs have gone through this accelerator program and 73% of those alumni companies are still in business today, having created a $178 million/year annual economic impact for the regional economy.

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