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Impact of a Medicaid Innovation Challenge


Pyx Health is the first loneliness and social isolation technology solution serving health plan populations who have historically been forgotten by technology: Medicaid and Medicare members.

The One-Year Impact

Being selected to be one of the finalists in the Arizona Medicaid Innovation Challenge was a game-changer for Pyx Health. It raised the profile of the company significantly within the state of Arizona and provided a forum for all of the MCOs to come together to identify solutions that were relevant to their members and their plan.

Instant credibility

Simply by making it through the rigorous process of becoming a finalist, Pyx Health built credibility among the C-suite executives who attended the presentations

Increase in meetings

Following the Challenge, the Pyx team had Executive Level meetings with every MCO in Arizona

Increase in Contracts

Many of the plans Pyx met with conducted evaluations; and, subsequently, several are now contracting with Pyx


Pyx Health is expecting to double its revenue this year and grow from 22 to 40 employees

Sustaining the Impact

 Pyx has clients in Arizona, North Carolina and is in serious talks with health plans in Kentucky, Texas, Ohio, and Tennessee. 

What People are saying

“Finding a technology solution that is built specifically for Medicaid members made us extremely interested in learning more about Pyx Health. What sold us on this solution was their focus on addressing loneliness with smart technology and intentional human intervention. We know that this partnership will improve how our members are feeling and infuse innovation into our digital strategy.” 

James Stover, AzCH-CCP Medicaid CEO


Jami Snyder, AHCCCS Director

“Having Adaptation Health deliver a curated set of presentations and frame the discussion allowed us the opportunity to compare approaches and even explore collaboration opportunities across one or more solutions.”


Tom Betlach, former AHCCCS Director

“Part of what made this challenge so successful was bringing innovative companies like Pyx Health together with like-minded CEO’s to create long-lasting partnerships, which Pyx Health has successfully capitalized on.”


Cindy Jordan, Pyx Health CEO

“Being part of Adaptation Health’s Medicaid Innovation Challenge was an incredible opportunity for our company and catapulted us within the state of Arizona. We look forward to working more with Adaptation Health as they continue to expand and host Medicaid Innovation Challenges in additional states.”

Pyx Health By the Numbers

Pyx Health is improving member outcomes and drastically reducing costs to the healthcare system.

Net reduction of 46% in inpatient spend for Pyx Health users 

93% of users reported feeling healthier after just 30 days of using the app 

65% of users reported feeling more connected to their healthcare team 

See the Pitch From Arizona

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