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Connecting State Medicaid Offices, and Managed Care leadership with innovators solving systemic problems for vulnerable populations. 

Past Focus areas

Focusing on maternal health and behavioral health needs

Focusing on food insecurity and economic vulnerability

Focusing both in the current context and beyond COVID-19

Engagement technologies to assist individuals in better managing their care, and empowering them to adopt healthier behaviors

Solutions that identify individual risk factors, create referrals for SDOH services, and/or provide feedback on referral outcomes.

Solutions that support effective Medicaid eligibility and enrollment and improve engagement.

Solutions capable of monitoring data related to cardiometabolic conditions

Past Projects

November 2020

Remote Patient Monitoring Innovation Challenge

Featuring solutions that make scalable, effective, and culturally responsive remote patient monitoring possible for health care providers serving populations enrolled in Medicaid and other safety-net programs.

Fall 2020

Southeast Health Innovation Tour

Connecting founders in the South directly with access to capital, contacts in Medicaid, and opportunities to scale

September 2020

Louisiana Medicaid Innovation Challenge

Connecting Louisiana Medicaid with solutions to ensure effective member engagement and communication to support eligibility and enrollment.

June 2020

Responding to COVID-19 and Beyond:

Demo Day for Medicaid Innovation

A virtual demo day series for innovations serving Medicaid patient populations during COVID-19 and beyond

March 2019

Arizona Medicaid Innovation Challenge

Connecting market-ready solutions for Social Determinants of Health and Digital Member Engagement with Managed Care leaders.

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