Louisiana Medicaid Innovation Challenge

In Partnership with Louisiana Medicaid


State RFI Launching in 2020

Baton Rouge, LA

Connecting Louisiana Medicaid with solutions to ensure effective member engagement and communication to support eligibility and enrollment.

The state of Louisiana has partnered with Adaptation Health on the Louisiana Medicaid Innovation Challenge. This Challenge will support the Medicaid program in identifying market-ready solutions to engage members through the appropriate use of technology, providing superior customer service to the population it serves, and maintaining its status as a high-performing national leader in Medicaid eligibility simplification, streamlining and program integrity.


The Challenge is a multi-month project engaging constituents, stakeholders, and the state’s Managed Care Organizations (MCOs), to address improved communication and engagement solutions to support effective Medicaid eligibility and enrollment. These engagement and communication processes are vital components in establishing effective access to coverage and in turn access to care and services. It is critical that the new eligibility system achieves the right programmatic balance in facilitating effective enrollment and this requires additional innovative solutions to reach individuals in the right way and the right time.

An open call for potential vendor applications will be live in early 2020 encapsulating this member research and market need.


The Challenge will culminate with an in-person showcase that will be live-streamed from Baton Rouge featuring the selected innovative solutions.

To learn more, or if you have any questions, please connect with us!

Research brief

“Effective member communication is essential for maintaining enrollment and ensuring access to appropriate healthcare services. We are constantly seeking new and innovative solutions for reaching  members in the right way and at the right time.” 

-Acting State Medicaid Director, Erin Campbell

The research brief captures direct member feedback on the current communication process with the 1.6 million Medicaid members concerning their eligibility and enrollment in Louisiana Medicaid. Throughout the Fall of 2019, Adaptation Health spoke with members throughout the state. Based on the direct findings found in the research and highlighted in the brief, innovative vendors will be encouraged to apply to the upcoming state of Louisiana Request for Information.

From the research detailed in the brief, Medicaid members indicated they wanted to receive information through a variety of communication channels. Currently, information is coming primarily through a single stream via direct mail. There is no one channel that is believed to work well for everyone with members expressing interest across various forms of communication. The Louisiana Medicaid Innovation Challenge aims to source vendors who can improve or expand upon communication strategies, channels and dosage between LDH and Medicaid members concerning the member’s eligibility and enrollment status.

The Challenge will continue with the launch of an official state RFI followed by an in-person showcase opportunity to present additional information in Baton Rouge with identified innovators through the RFI.


1. Deadlines

The deadlines to return information creates confusion and does not give people enough time to respond. 

2. content

Most people found the content of the letters to be clear and recognized that there is important information contained in them.

3. Communication Dosage

Ideal solutions should create the correct balance between informing and engaging members while not overwhelming them.

Five Key Findings From research

4. Processing Information

Members spoke heavily about various ways in which they understand information, indicating a need to be considerate of process.

5. No single Channel

Lastly and most critically, there is no single communication channel preferred by members. People spoke about various ways they prefer to receive communication indicating the need to be more comprehensive in channel and approach.

RFI Launching IN 2020

We will update this page and announce when we will be accepting applications. 


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