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Medicaid Innovation Challenges

Connecting State Medicaid Agencies, Managed Care Organizations, and Innovative Vendors to Improve Communities

​​We partner with State Medicaid Directors and Managed Care Organizations to organize and deliver events that help solve for precise challenges in care delivery, utilization, and patient management.

Potential vendors apply for the opportunity to present to the Managed Medicaid Plans and State Directors to solve systematic problems in Medicaid.  By connecting the providers, state officials, and innovators we can improve community health.

​By applying and being selected for a Medicaid Innovation Challenge an opportunity exists to engage in a curated setting with key decision-makers for strategy and procurement. A selected venture gets a direct audience with the Managed Care Organizations as well as with the State Medicaid Director and leadership, giving the company an advanced start to establishing business relationships in which needs are assessed and decided upon.


See our past impact from a Medicaid Innovation Challenge


Source and vet innovation from across the country to solve for deep-rooted Medicaid delivery challenges.


Foster greater product-market fit between state Medicaid buyers and promising innovation.


Promote stronger investment in Medicaid from private sector and social impact investing vehicles.

Our Process

Find pain points and challenges in Medicaid delivery with with State officer and MCOs

2. Source

Create an open call to action for vendors to apply

3. Vet

Find the market-ready solutions to solve the identified challenge

1. Identify

4. Select

A committee of Medicaid experts select solutions to present 

5. Showcase

Vendors, state Medicaid programs, and MCOs meet to showcase the product-market fit. 


Companies and MCOs manage the relationship moving forward.  Serves as the first step in a potential procurement process. 

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