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Direct access to SDOH services

Focusing on food security and economic vulnerability

The second of a 3-part series in Responding to COVID-19 and Beyond

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Innovation showcase

Through a curated and highly selective process, the Selection Committee nominated the following ventures to present on June 17. 

Propel - "Direct Access to SDOH Services"

Propel - "Direct Access to SDOH Services"

Ashley Crone, Business Development Manager and Stacy Taylor, Head of Policy & Partnerships of Propel present at "Direct Access to SDOH Services" on June 17, 2020. Propel builds modern, respectful, effective technology that helps low-income Americans improve their financial health. Our products are designed for those who are often overlooked by traditional tech innovation, and aim to make America’s safety net more user-friendly. Propel’s current focus is developing technology that makes SNAP a more supportive, modern, and integrated experience that can better lift families out of financial hardship and food insecurity. Propel’s first product, Fresh EBT, is a free mobile app for SNAP participants that allows them to easily manage their SNAP benefits, find helpful resources, access money-saving opportunities, and get connected to local employment. This service modernizes the experience of SNAP, a $70B program that reaches over 36M Americans, by providing easy EBT balance checking via mobile app. With Fresh EBT, over 3M SNAP families never have to call a 1-800 number to check their balance again, or hold on to receipts to try to manage their financial life. Managing money for food and family essentials becomes easier and the possibility of recovering from a financial setback more real. To date, Fresh EBT has helped SNAP participants stretch their resources for two extra days of food per month, save $20M+ in grocery expenses, and apply for over 120,000 local job opportunities.
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Expert Panel

The webinar started with a panel featuring the following experts:

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R.J. Briscione

Senior Director of SDOH at CVS Health

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Therese Wetterman

Director Learning Network at Health Leads    

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Elizabeth Osius

Opening and Expert Panel from "Direct Access to SDOH Services"

Opening and Expert Panel from "Direct Access to SDOH Services"

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Statement of need

Background and Need


Social determinants of health drive 60% of health outcomes and are responsible for health inequality between individuals living in low-income, vulnerable communities, and their counterparts. These social challeng